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The Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation (Fundația pentru Parteneriat) was established as an independent foundation in 1998, and is a member of the Environmental Partnership (EP), dedicated to supporting community based environmental improvement projects in 5 CEE countries.

The Foundation develops and implements a wide range of programs and tools including funding, technical assistance, training and specific operational programs. The programs of the Foundation are designed and implemented to fit within the framework of sustainable development. The programs target and include almost all the stakeholders of society: communities, local authorities, NGOs, the business sector, media etc.

The efficiency of the Foundation's activity can be easily demonstrated by the following facts and figures: during the years the Foundation has initiated and implemented 10 funding- and 7 operational programs in environmental protection and community development.

During the 14 years of funding 775 projects of over 350 organizations received financial and tehnical support totalling 13,2 million lei.

             Value of grants disbursed (2000-2012) -  RON                 


     Number of grants awarded (2000-2012)




The Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation was also the initiator of several innovative and pioneering programs in Romania, such as the Greenways, the Living Heritage and the Transylvania Authentica programs dedicated to promoting the conservation and capitalization of the cultural and natural heritage.

Friends about the Foundation:

Michael Guest - former Ambassador of the United States in Romania

"Laszlo and his team all bring so much enthusiasm to their work. They have such a positive sense of "mission" -- that they are going to be agents of change in a country that faces many environmental challenges. And they are making a real difference. There are many other non-governmental organizations that are enthusiastic about their work, but none more so than the Environmental Partnership."

Gina Ștefan - journalist, Agerpress

"The Environmental Partnership Foundation had a pioneering role in the Romanian environmental protection. During
the past ten years it has been following up and reacting on the different environment damaging activities in Romania. The conservationists from every part of the country got to know the Foundation as being a trustworthy partner."



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