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10,000 $

This is the amount offered by the Association for Community Relations, the Environmental Partnership Foundation and PACT Foundation for founding of community foundations in five Romanian cities. The amount can be won by communities who prove that they not only want but they also are able to found a community foundation.

Innovative citizens of Romania can take advantage of this opportunity up to March 19, 2010. For this they have to send a letter of intention to the Association for Community Relation, in which they show their interest in founding a community foundation, they explain the need of such a foundation in their community; they identify the most important donors and the most urgent problems of the community as well.

These cities will receive funding and technical assistance for the establishment of community foundations and for their good functioning in the service of the community.

Each of the five foundations will receive 10,000 USD upon their establishment.

Then they will have the chance to visit some other community foundations in Great Britain and Romania, and in the first two years of functioning they will get technical support in community fundraising, grant awarding, and will receive funds to supplement the amounts raised.

The program is funded by the Trust for Civil Society in CEE, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the Romanian-American Foundation.
All those interested in founding a community foundation in their cities can get further information on the website of the program: or should send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:

Community foundations are organizations which raise funds from individuals and companies in a defined geographic area and then distribute the funds in form of granting in order to carry out the charitable interest of and for the benefit of the residents of the same area.

A community foundation:
• Supports charitable interests in a defined geographic area in order to improve the quality of life and the environment in the respective area,
• Permanently attracts donations from individuals, companies and institutions of the defined area,
• Is the engine of positive changes in the community where it operates,
• Has an independent governing body broadly representative of the community it serves.

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