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The Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation is announcing the second edition of the Speak Up and Get Involved Program.

The program is addressed exclusively to the environmental NGOs of Romania.

The mission of the program is to enhance, strengthen and support the advocacy and watchdog activities of Romanian environmental NGOs, for the purpose of increasing the contribution of these organizations and their constituency to policy-shaping, law enforcement and legislation implementation (both EU and national) monitoring.

The program is co-funded by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, and it was developed in order to contribute to the enhancement of the accountability, transparency, and effectiveness of public institutions, and for the strengthening of civic support for democracy, promoting democracy among citizens and engaging other stakeholders.

Specific objectives:
• To create and strengthen environmental advocacy and watchdog networks in Romania;
• To improve the environmental law enforcement through raising awareness and monitoring activities on local and national level;
• To initiate environmental policy analysis and dialogue between NGOs and local and national decision-makers
• To raise awareness and take action against illegal and unsustainable initiatives through NGO and public involvement;
• To improve the environmental NGOs networking in advocacy and watchdog activities.

In addition to the financing component, the program includes components of capacity building and networking.


In 2012, through the reloaded edition of the program 18 projects were awarded with a total amount of 547.242 RON.

List of granted projects is here.



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