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Our programs
Green Enterpreneurship

Green Entrepreneurship" aims to promote a model of development for regions with untapped economic potential and a tradition of stewardship of natural and cultural resources. This model is centered around clusters of social enterprises-commercial entities whose profits support environmental and local development NGOs which, in turn, serve their communities.

The program manager is the Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation (REPF), with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) acting as partner. During the program's three years, at least five new environment-related social enterprises will be established and 25-30 new jobs created. Additionally, at least 60-100 local producers and service providers connect to a supply and distribution chain, further strengthening local economies. Romania can then transform the intrinsic value of these regions into competitive advantage, something which Romanian-American Foundation considers to be powerful motivation for supporting this program for sustainable economic development.


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