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Transylvania Authentica


The Transylvania Authentica project seeks to establish ways in which to ensure the survival of Transylvania's incredibly rich agrarian culture and its traditional foods and agricultural products, by bringing together the region's smaller producers and manufacturers.

Transylvania Authentica, launched in 2007, is a joint initiative of the Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation and The Prince's Charities Foundation.

Mission: Transylvania Authentica seeks to protect the region's unique natural and cultural heritage by promoting and developing sustainable livelihoods.

• To recognize the inherent economic value of Transylvania's remarkable heritage,
• To elaborate and implement an eligibility standard system,
• To encourage greater use of Transylvania's environmental and cultural heritage as business assets,
• To promote distinctive high quality products and services rooted in the region and tradition,
• To link producers to market opportunities and to each other, and to guide consumer choice,
• To support small business development and reward sustainable business practices,
• To empower communities and enable the choice to stay local.

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The program is funded by Apemin Tuşnad SA.

Transylvania Authentica Program
Tel/fax: +40-266-310678

Program Manager:
Enikő Bándi